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Global Goods Partners

Product Feature

Lavender Felt Flower - Joy

Lavender Felt Flower


Global Goods Partners at Joy

We love Global Goods Partners!

Live flowers are lovely, but the felted flowers from Global Goods last far longer and are just as joyful. And we especially love this line since it is a non-profit providing meaningful work to women around the world. LOOKS GOOD/FEELS GOOD.

Doing good in the world

How Global Goods Partners gives back

Global Goods Partners are a non-profit that is in business to provide jobs for indigent women. Each item is handmade by the women with lots of detail and love.

From Global Goods Partners

Lavender Felt Flower - Joy

Lavender Felt Flower

Bellflower Felt Flower - Joy

Bellflower Felt Flower

Crepe Myrtle Felt Flower - Joy
Snapdragon Felt Flower - Joy

Snapdragon Felt Flower

Geranium Felt Flower - Joy

Geranium Felt Flower

Peony Felt Flower - Joy

Peony Felt Flower

Indian Paint Felt Flower - Joy
Baby's Breath Felt Flowera - Joy
Cattails Felt Flower - Joy

Cattails Felt Flower



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