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Wonder of Nature Card Set - Joy
Wonder of Nature Card Set - Joy
Wonder of Nature Card Set - Joy
Wonder of Nature Card Set - Joy
Wonder of Nature Card Set - Joy
Wonder of Nature Card Set - Joy
Wonder of Nature Card Set - Joy

Wonder of Nature Card Set


20 beautifully presented picture cards, across varying themes of nature -  a reminder to us all of the consolation and redemption we can take from the natural world.

We are always being told that nature is good for us - and that we should spend more time in its company for the sake of our health. What is less well flagged up is that nature is as important to us as a source of nourishment for our souls. Nature is a kind of book, and when we open our eyes to it, we find its pages filled with distinctive lessons about wonder and serenity.

In a set of alpine flowers growing on a hillside, we can read a defense of the value and beauty of the everyday; an evening sky can lend legitimacy and dignity to our melancholy states; there are invitations to calm in the unhurried motions of a Friesian cow; the sight of the distant stars can settle our anxieties by evoking our insignificance in the wider scheme.

This set of cards highlights, with images and accompanying essays, some of the most psychologically nourishing landscapes, flora and fauna of the planet. It functions as a reminder of all the consolation and redemption available to us in the natural world.

Cards Include: 

  • Bamboo Forest - a symbol of resilience
  • Okapi / Zebra Giraffe - a symbol of modesty 
  • Granite Rocks - a symbol of perspective
  • Pineapple - a symbol of appreciation
  • The Stone Pine - a symbol of resourcefulness
  • The Walnut - a symbol of scepticism
  • The Giant Star, Aldebaran - a symbol of humility
  • The Feminello Lemon - a symbol of hope
  • The Fig - a symbol of small pleasures
  • The Mallard Duck - A symbol of protection from envy

How To Use the Cards

You might...

  • Keep the box of cards to hand and refer to them when seeking wisdom & perspective.
  • Tuck a card into a note to give to a friend when they face obstacles.
  • Arrange the cards into a creative mood board as a reminder of what the natural world offers

20 illustrated cards included | 150 x 100 mm

Wonder of Nature Card Set


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