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Adam & Eve StoryTile - Joy
Adam & Eve StoryTile - Joy
Adam & Eve StoryTile - Joy

Adam & Eve StoryTile

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When dancing in paradise everybody is feeling free! Free to be who you are and to swing through life the way you want. To all the Adams and all the Eves in the world: Be yourself & dance!

Adam and Eve depicts a man and women in the Garden of Eden. Adam and Adam depicts a man and man in the Garden of Eden.

Ceramic tiles have been made in and around Delft, The Netherlands, since the 16th century. StoryTiles continues the tradition by creating miniature art-on-tiles. All tiles are baked in traditional Dutch ovens at a high temperature, what makes them heat and water resistant. Each design is unique, as it is hand baked and designed. The delicate art pieces come in very cool cardboard packaging, with a nifty hanging system.

Includes hanging system.

Heat/water resistant.


  • Small: 10x10cm
  • Medium: 13x13cm

Surface wash.

Pairs well with:

StoryTile Stand


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Adam & Eve StoryTile


About the brand


Beautiful ceramic tiles made in the Netherlands with a twist! Each tile tells its own miniature story that appeals to the imagination or reminds you of a moment or person.


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