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Musings 2

Musings 2 - Joy

We have a loyal customer at the store who thanks us every time she comes in. What she tells us is “I have no time to shop but I know that when I come into the store, there will always be something unique that I will love and want to send to all my friends.” This brings us so much JOY.

We love having a spot to showcase artists that we’ve found who just want to show their work to a new audience. Like Norton, a Vermont woodworker who creates birds and dogs who will bring a smile to your face. Or Matt Winters’s beautifully created and artfully rendered contemporary light boxes.

We spend a fair amount of time thinking about product mix but there are also those times that we see something and immediately know that this is going to end up in the store. That was the case at the Paris Gift Show with Doing Goods animal rugs which are at the intersection of Sophistication and Whimsy Streets.  We could not get to the booth fast enough to place an order!


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