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Joy's Story

Joy's Story - Joy

Definition of JOY: The emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying: keen pleasure or elation.

When Deborah and Chris first considered opening a little retail shop to bring curated gifts and things to Austin to share with friends they knew immediately that it would be called JOY.

We are big believers in the idea that sometimes one has to choose JOY! Sometimes you need to find JOY. Sometimes you have to access the situation and look the JOY!

Life is filled with small moments of joy everyday and while one hopes those moments of joy are well documented and noticed and permanent, sometimes one needs a permanent reminder to recall those moments. And that’s the place we call JOY. Where you may find a perfect gift to remind a friend how much they mean to you, or a gift to let someone know they are loved and seen, or a birthday gift that is so perfectly unique that when you see it, you say “oh, they’ll love that!” And sometimes a gift to yourself… “You did it, go girl go!’

At Joy, we look for those gifts that you aren’t going to find at any other store in Austin. We like the detailed items, the perfectly crafted light box by Mathew Winter, the beautiful crystal candle stick holders from Denmark, the hand stitched greeting card, the Liberty Puzzles that are custom designed wood puzzles.

Come visit us in the store. It’s a small, happy place filled with….yes, I’ll say it…JOY.


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